What we offer


Dedicated Account Manager

Always ready!

A one stop shop concierge to handle all your questions, concerns or needs.

Social Media Management

End to End

We handle it, so you don't! All scheduling, posting, integrated research, hashtag research and most important keeping up with your relevant brand image!

Brand Story Creation

Professional Story Tellers

We want to become 'one' with the Maple Water family. Bring the story to life on the digital platform and showcase the story behind it.

Social Listening

Customized To Your Market

Being able to tell who your following is, and what it is they want to hear. We will handle all comments, direct messages and inquiries from all corners of the social media world.

Account Structure and Restructure

Streamlined Channels

Strategy sessions will help keep everything in line. We will be working hand in hand with your team to develop the correct route to showcase what is relevant and change it on a dime if needed.

Analytics and Organize Data

Numbers Dont Lie

Doing it is one thing, but showing is another. Numbers don't lie! We will produce the required analytics to show how your brand is growing!




Advertising Spend




Success Rate

How we do it

We work closely with our partners to understand their needs and provide strategic design services to grow and engage their audiences.

Plan In Motion

We ensure all marketing efforts and design work go hand in hand with the strategy we have put in motion. This makes sure your business gets noticed by your market.

Rinse and Repeat

Every month, every quarter your business changes like the seasons. By always staying on top of the latest trends, we devise new plans on a ongoing basis to put them in motion.