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Facebook Ads Agency For Nonprofit Conservations

INCREASE Your Average Donation Value by
15 - 30% in 120 Days or Less
We Work For Free Until We Achieve it!

Increasing Donor AOV

With the correct messaging and transparency of the donations efforts, we can increase the average donation value on the first or recurring.

People are emotional creatures. 85% of of our decisions are based on how we are feeling or how a certain thing makes us feel. Because of this, we are going to transform your current branding to emotionally incentivize individuals to become long term loyal donors.

Increase Donor LTV

Using Facebook Advertising remarketing efforts, we are able to send the correct campaign message to existing donors. Increasing the chances of more frequent donations. On average, most sales professionals don’t follow up more than once. There is about a 2% chance they would follow up more than 7 times.

Using Facebooks Remarketing tools, we can deploy ads to continuously remind and bring your top donors to your sales pages.

Get More Donors

While we are showcasing your conservation efforts to your current list. A by product will be generating a strong audience pixel to start prospecting for new donors.

Prospecting will  be a major role of showcasing a strong message and deploy it to the ends of your target market. Ensuring your Nonprofit is top of mind when they are in the mindset of donating.

Powerful Ad Examples!
The Message That Showcases The Mission

Pushing Your Mission Forward

“To provide sustainable growth for environmental and wildlife conservations by creatively crafting their message and showcasing it to the world. One campaign at a time.”

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When you show up, well throw in a complimentary Facebook campaign audit 

Meet The Team

CEO & Founder

Matthew Pugliese

Creative Director

Michael Pugliese

Marketing Consultant

Jaiden Gross

Community Manager

Victoria Zaya

Social Media Manager

Adrianne Diaz

“We are a Digital Advertising Agency headquartered in Toronto, ON. We specialize in helping Nonprofit organizations in the Environmental and Animal based Conservations acquire more donations, awareness and long term supporters. Through the power of Facebook Advertising, we are able to position your Nonprofit to your perfect audience while showcasing your conservation efforts, and why they should donate to better your efforts.”

Your Nonprofit Marketing Partner

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While we are not saying, all Nonprofits will yield the most outrageous results and growth month over month, we empower the tactics used by top nonprofits like WWF UK and Charity Water.

By utilizing Facebooks ad platform, we are able to target your specific audience with your goal and strategy in mind.

While we dont encourage Definitely. All of our services are month to month without any long term contract. If for whatever reason, we are not the best fit for you we can part ways!.

Book a discovery call! . On this call we will get to learn about your brand and see how and if we can help. We also give complimentary audits just to get a solid idea of how we can specifically help if need be.

I can go on and on about our mission statement, our partnerships and acolades…

But I would rather take you back to 2012, when I got my first entry into the Zoo conservation world. My initial desire, was to be apart of a strong mission that peaked my interest and I was passionate about to help change and be apart of. Working day to day with Reptiles and Amphibians, while maintaining the habitats to ensure excellence. This then brought me to start realizing how difficult it was to run a facility like this and the help that is needed to grow, through donations, awareness and likeminded individuals that also cared for the mission.

Fast forward to 2017, when I founded Social Seed, with the intention to assist and help Nonprofits in the marketing avenue, as this is now why you would have founded your business on. We are a boutique agency that dedicates our existence to helping nonprofits achieve their greatness. No nonprofit started their mission with the purpose of advertising it. This is why Social Seed was created.

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Lets start off by aligning what “Results” are.

When we launch your first initial campaign, typically we start by introducing creatives to your market at a testing level. To see what is working and what needs some edits. This process would typically take one week. After this, our first 30 day goals are then to drive as much traffic and awarness to your Nonprofit by getting your perfect consumer to click on and engage with your highest performing ad creatives. By doing this, we are strengthening your tracking data and allowing us to start directing more budget to the winning audiences. Moving into days 30-90 we start navigating your audiences actions. What are they clicking on when landing on your websites pages? Are they reading headlines, scrolling to your donation sections, initiating a donation but not following through?

Going into days 90+ is when we will start to see the majority of donations starting to come through, while we peak interest of the perfect ad creatives to the perfect audiences. All while, remarketing to individuals to ensure we are collecting frequent donations instead of just the one time.

Only one way to find out!


Schedule your discovery call and we can let you know if these battle tested advertising strategies can work for your Nonprofit. Worst case, by you showing up to the call, we will give you a free audit on either your website, facebook ads account or potentially a burning question you may have that is holding your Nonprofit back…

Typically our standard onboarding takes 3-5 business days.

During this process, we start with our kickoff call. This will be used to review any documentaion and initial questions in getting started. Followed by the step by step process to ensure we have the proper access to your accounts, brand identity, media repositories and any documentation that will assist us in creating your initial marketing draft. **Please note this is also dependant on your current setup and how quickly you can provide us access to the required documentation and softwares. Dont worry, we make this part seamless!

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